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Of Dust.jpg

Of Dust

My very first collection, a small chapbook that I still hold dear.

Approximately Paradise.jpg

Approximately Paradise

Took me ten years to find a publisher; finalist for the Walt Whitman Award.

Before Kodachrome.jpg

Before Kodachrome

Took only five years to publish this one; “a devastating 
   family album of snapshots and reflections” (David St. John).

In Lands Imagination Favors.jpg

In Lands Imagination Favors

My heart still skips a beat every time I see   
   this one’s cover; shortlisted for the Rubery Book Award.

The Flow of Wonder.jpg

The Flow of Wonder

All sonnets (but one); “in the loose decasyllabic lines of    
   [this collection] the past flows into the immediate present in       startling ways...” (Michael Waters).

A Different Heaven cover copy.jpg

A Different Heaven:  New & Selected Poems

My latest, bringing together the best of my life’s work up to now; “[R]eflects Schofield’s handpicked, concise selection, showcasing writing rich with intelligence and eros and the kind of simplicity that engages the reader [from] the first few lines.”

(Thomas Mitchell).

Kindled Terraces.jpg

Kindled Terraces:  American Poets in Greece

My quest to foreground the wealth of other writers who have been drawn to this land I now call home; “This is a journey into Greece we do not find in guides written for tourists” 
   (Dino Siotis, founder of Wire Press).

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