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Awards, Anthologies, Journals, and More

(Abridged List)

1985: Finalist, Walt Whitman Award, for Approximately Paradise;


2006: Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award, The Poetry Center, Passaic County Community College, for "Chosen";


2010: "Harmony, USA", selected for the January 2010 Beloit Poetry Journal Poetry Forum;


2010: Finalist, Greek National Translation Award, for The Known:  Selected Poems [of Nikos Fokas];


2011: John D. Criticos Prize, The London Hellenic Society, for The Known:  Selected Poems [of Nikos Fokas];


2015:  Finalist, Rubery Book Award, for In Lands Imagination Favors;


2019:  Finalist, Travel Writing Prize, Nowhere Magazine, for "After the Firestorms"; Linked Here.

2023:  Featured “American Poet,” The High Window (UK). Linked Here.

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“Migrant Stories,” Border Lines: Poems of Migration, Everyman’s Library, Knopf, 2020. Linked Here.

“I Don’t Know the Local” and “Island Dance,” Knowing Stones:  Poems of Exotic Places, John Gordon Burke Publishers, 2000. Linked Here.


“Losing Litsa” and “Harmony, USA,” Realms of the Mothers:  The First Decade of Dos Madres Press, 2016. Linked Here.


"Beirut Pastoral," Remembrance of Wars Past:  A War Veteran's Anthology, Fox Track Publications, 2012 Linked Here.

“Dead Shepherd’s Hut,” Perfect in Their Art:  Poems on Boxing from Homer to Ali, Southern Illinois University Press, 2003. Linked Here.

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(Abridged List)

Agni Review:                        “Star”


Antioch Review:                   


Arts & Letters:                      “Constellations”


Beloit Poetry Journal:          “Fosterling”

                                              “Harmony, USA” 


Ergon: Greek/American        “Migrant Stories”

Arts and Letters:  

Linked Here.


Florida Review:                      “Tankers”


Georgetown Review:               “Chosen“ 


The High Window (UK):          

Linked Here.



Mediterranean Poetry:          

Linked Here.

And Here.




Minnesota Review:                 “Traveling Greece”


New England Review:             “Hagar in the Wilderness”


Nimrod International             



Nowhere Magazine:               “After the Firestorms”

Linked Here.


Valparaiso Quarterly             “First Journey, Alone” 


Linked Here.


Visions International:              “The Yeoman Sings”


World Literature Today:         

Linked Here.

“The Physics of Parting”

“Beirut Pastoral”

“Eidothea Grieving”



“Lost in Place”

“Voices, Good Friday, Hotel Diafani”


"Cemetery Workers"

"Hotel Four Seasons"


"Teaching High School in Greece"

"The Physics of Parting"

"Dead Shepherd’s Hut"

"Beirut Pastoral"

"Callicles Puts a Head on the Argument"


"Homage to the Wheels"

From "My Neighbor’s Brush"


“Be an Expatriate for a Week”

“First Letter Home”

“Callicles Puts a Head on the Argument”

“Each of Us a Broken Tally” 

“The Physics of Parting“

 “About the Bears“

"Once on Ithaca"

“Border Crossing”


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