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My latest, bringing together the best of my life’s work up to now.

“Ranging from his adopted Greece with its cries of lambs—I aam, I aam—and its refugee camps to Nepal where he watches “a tiger eating what remained of a baby water buffalo” to Hart island in NY with its “unclaimed dead in their plywood coffins” to the dusty Fresno of his violent boyhood where he imagines a place “where love isn’t fear,” these poems cast a precise eye on the natural landscape and our place in it:  “You can tell we’re humans / by our short-billed caps.”  A Different Heaven is a book best read slowly to savor the “gentle lure” of these necessary and enduring poems.”

--Michael Waters

“This is work by a man as in love with language as he is with the world and with this earth.  You will be moved, you’ll be astonished.  You’ll be very glad you read this book.”

--Robert Wrigley

“The poems are dazzling in their clarity, fearless in how they confront the world, and beautiful in the way they find and confront love.”

--Thomas Mitchell

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Now THAT'S the way to spend your summer!

Don reading to a group after a book signing in Lexikopoleio, Greece.

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